Emotional Intelligence PLUS

Emotional Intelligence is our ability to recognise and manage our own and others’ emotional states. 


TTI Emotional Quotient explores how actively we apply our emotional intelligence. It is often argued that emotional intelligence (EI) is more important to an individual’s performance than IQ. 

Unlock your potential by identifying simple activities to enhance your ability to develop and maintain workplace relationships. 

All participants will undertake a 15 minutes online assessment prior attending and will be provided with a personalised report. 

Workshop content will address the following:

  • Be aware of their own emotional states and the impact they have
  • Be aware of others’ emotional states and the impact they have
  • Take action to manage or impact their own emotional states for the better
  • Take action to manage or impact others’ emotional states for the better


Individual Reports SAMPLE REPORT

Each participant will receive a detailed report which includes:

  • Emotional Quotient assessment results
  • Level of activity in recognising and understanding moods, emotions and drivers as well as their effect on others
  • Level of activity in controlling or redirecting disruptive impulses and moods, thinking before acting
  • Level of motivation to work for reasons that go beyond money and status
  • Ability to understand the emotional states of others
  • Level of proficiency in managing relationships and building networks
  • Actions to increase activity in each area


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Delivery Information

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Locations: Calendar Course - Hobart and Launceston
  • Contact training@tcci.com.au to discuss customised, on site or online delivery options.

More Information

$350 TCCI member

$525 Non-member