Managing Employees Masterclass Series


The Managing Employees Masterclass Series covers a number of key people management topics over six workshop sessions spread out over the year. This series is ideal for those new to working in employee management or those wanting to improve their skills and knowledge in this area.

Attend the entire series or selected workshops.

Delivery Information

Duration: 2 hours per workshop


Member rate: $220 per workshop or book the whole series for $990

Non-member: $330 per workshop or series $1490



Workshop 1 : Position descriptions for managing performance


  • Differentiating a job analysis from a position description – which does what and why bother 
  • Pitfalls of position descriptions – common errors and how to avoid them 
  • How position descriptions protect your business 
  • Templates: job analysis and job descriptions (RRP $220)

Workshop 2 : Recruit | Select | Induct – Reduce turnover and get it right the first time


  • Contemporary recruitment methods – don’t spend hours wading through applications 
  • Recruitment as a marketing tool – protect your brand 
  • Selecting the right candidate – selection methods that really work! 
  • Induction or on-boarding – giving new starters the best chance
  • Compliance traps – common recruitment and selection mistakes 
  • Templates: induction checklist, on-boarding plan (RRP$220) 

Workshop 3: Employee Handbooks – Communicating Expectations 


  • How employee handbooks can save you time, money and confusion 
  • Employee handbooks and streamlining the induction process 
  • What to include and what not to include
  • Templates: employee handbook (RRP $495) 

Workshop 4: Maximising Probation | Manage Performance  


  • Understanding what you can and cannot do during probation 
  • Using workplace documentation to communicate and manage expectations
  • Developing new employee plans – when should they be able to do what Innovative interventions – how to support new employees to meet expectations for performance 
  • Templates: new employee plan and meeting agenda (RRP $220) 

Workshop 5: Protective Policy and Procedure   


  • Principles, rules and guidelines of policy and procedure documents 
  • Common mistakes and must have policy and procedure documents 
  • Influencing workplace decisions and actions through policy and procedure
  • Templates: policy and procedure documents (RRP $220) 

Workshop 6: Unfair Dismissal Claims – when it all goes pear-shaped


  • Process to follow in the event of unfair dismissal claim 
  • Evidence required – what workplace documentation can support your business Forms and responses 
  • Strategies and planning 
  • Templates: responding to unfair dismissal and checklist (RRP $220)