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Workplace Coaching

Learn. Explore. Grow

Why Coaching?

Customised, practical individual sessions aimed at supporting professional development or to overcome specific workplace issues.

Coaching is an effective strategy to support individual change and development. Individual sessions allow participants to openly discuss successes and challenges.

Possible Outcomes

Sessions are developed based on individual needs. Some examples of coaching outcomes include:

  • Improve communication with others
  • Understand personal stressors and triggers
  • More positively manage conflict
  • Improve time management
  • Manage job related stressors
  • Enhance assertiveness or reduce aggression


Delivery Information

By appointment; in person or by phone.

Duration: 1 hour sessions

Location: State-wide


$265 per hour (TCCI member)

$440 per hour (non member)


Call today to discuss your needs including onsite or customised delivery, or email training@tcci.com.au