Managing risk

WHS Documentation and Policy Assistance

Free Service available to all Tasmanian Businesses




The types of services that you may access will depends on your individual needs and the needs of your business. 

The WHS Advisory service can assist businesses by:

  • Assisting you in identifying workplace hazards and risks and implementing control measures
  • Providing advice in relation to return to work processes
  • Identifying, developing and implementing appropriate WHS policies and documentation
  • Understanding contractor obligations
  • Assistance to understand plant and equipment maintenance and records
  • Support to ensure effective consultation with workers
  • Advice in relation to induction process for new workers, visitors, and contractors
  • Management and maintenance of health and safety records
  • Bridging the safety gap between employers and employees
  • The role of safety and emergency plans
  • First aid requirements
  • Reporting and recording injury/accidents/incidents and near misses
  • Maintenance and review of training records including relevant licences and permits; and
  • Prosecution information and relevant findings.

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