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HR Business Partner Service


Why HR Business Partner?

Many Tasmanian businesses know they need human resources support and advice but cannot justify employing a human resources specialist.  TCCI's HR Business Partner service provides you with human resources  capability, when and how you need it.

What is HR Business Partner?

The service includes a broad range of human resources related activities including but not limited to:

  • Policy and procedure review, development and implementation
  • Workplace coaching and training for management and staff
  • Employee performance coaching to enhance individual’s skills, attitude and knowledge
  • Management coaching and mentoring
  • Facilitation of staff and/or management meetings
  • Assistance with recruitment and selection including job ads, position description development
  • Employee consultation
  • Management sessions – design and develop policy, process and procedures

Who would benefit from HR Business Partner?

This service is ideal for businesses looking for some additional human resources capability to:

  • Undertake recruitment and selection
  • Improve induction processes and maximise probation periods
  • Improve or introduce performance review and management systems
  • Validate existing practices
  • Have a point of contact to discuss HR related activities with
  • Review and update existing processes
  • Facilitate meetings, planning and performance reviews

How is the service provided?

HR Business Partner is available to all Tasmanian businesses, however, TCCI members can access this service through their standard membership. Hourly rates and retainer options available.

Contact TCCI today to discuss HR Business Partner and how it can benefit your business.

Where is the service provided?

State-wide – in person, by phone and email

Want to know more?

Contact TCCI today to speak to one of our HR Business Partner specialists on 1300 559 122 (free call) or email hr@tcci.com.au 

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