Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Policy and Advocacy

TCCI is proud to advocate on behalf of Business in Tasmania. Through the policies and strategies that we develop, TCCI aims to be a positive influence in improving Tasmania's productivity, business environment, and social outcomes.

          Approach to advocacy

TCCI achieves its policy objectives through our strategic engagement with leading policy-makers and elected officials, participating in policy debates, and public advocacy efforts. This includes meeting with politicians and government officials, contributing to policymaking processes, and promoting our positions through media and community engagement.

          How we advocate

As the voice for Business in Tasmania, TCCI works hard to ensure that the voice of business is heard by leaders across all three tiers of government. Through the committees that we chair, and the many more that we sit on, we are able to advocate on behalf of the interests of our members and the business community more broadly.

      These committees and groups include:

  •         TCCI Tasmanian Logistics Committee 
  •         TCCI  Work Health and Safety Committee 
  •         NWTD Stakeholder Liaison Group
  •         ACCI Workplace Relation Committee 
  •         ACCI Economics and Industry Policy Committee
  •         ACCI Small Business Committee 
  •         ACCI Sustainability Advisory Group
  •         The Tasmanian Chamber Alliance
  •         TasBuild Board
  •         Southern Transport Forum
  •         Bio-security Committee
  •         Jobs Tasmania Advisory Committee
  •         University of Tasmania MBA Advisory Committee
  •         Employer of Choice Advisory Group
  •         Electric Vehicle Working Group
  •         Tasmanian Traineeships and Apprenticeships Committee
  •         Southern Tasmanian Jobs and Skills Taskforce
  •         Department for Education, Children and Young People RTO Advisory Board

          Our voice

The value of our voice comes from our independence from party politics. By not aligning our interests with any single political party or individual, those who listen know to trust that we speak only on behalf of Business in Tasmania.

Being independent from party politics allows us the flexibility to support an idea rather than where it might come from. Because of this, we have a proven ability to foster strong relationships with political representatives and industry leaders, regardless of their backgrounds.

Recent Engagement


-    Marinus Link

-    Energy Pricing

-    Robbins Island Wind Farm

-    Basslink

-    UTAS Move to the City

-    Macquarie Point

-    Bridgewater Bridge

-    Hobart International Airport

-    Immigration

-    Workforce Participation

-    Pathways to Work

- Integrated Freight Strategy

- Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme

- ACCI Vet Submission March 2023

- TasTAFE Reform

- Employee Assistance Service - Pilot Proposal

- Intrim Business Growth Strategy

- Restoration of the House of Assembly

- Motor Vehicle Insurers and Repair Industry Code of Practice

- Tasmanian Trade Action Plan

- New Zealand Trade Mission

- Electric Vehicles

- Hydrogen Heavy-Duty Vehicles

- Climate Change Action Plan

- Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy - Circular Economy

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Contact US

For more information on TCCI policy and advocacy please call the TCCI Business Hotline on 1300 559 122 or email admin@tcci.com.au