Tasmanian Chamber Alliance

The majority of Tasmanian Chambers of Commerce have joined forces to create a strong, state-wide representative group the Tasmanian Chamber Alliance (TCA).


Initiated by the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry the chambers joined the TCA to strengthen the chamber movement. Additionally, the TCA enables regional chambers to provide a greater range of services to their members.

As the peak business body in the State TCCI believes it is essential that businesses, big and small, around the State are represented by their local Chamber, with access to our Workplace Relations Helpline and to TCCI training and events State-wide.

All financial members of a Chamber Alliance member will receive a Subsidiary* base level (currently Basics) membership of the TCCI.

Subsidiary member benefits include:

  • Workplace relations support: two (2) free calls to the TCCI Workplace Relations Helpline; workplace relations consultancy at base member rates (RRP $99 per call).
  • $100 voucher:  For use on TCCI training, Workplace Relations Helpline, newsletter advertisements or electronic mail out.
  • Member rate access to TCCI events and TCCI training.
  • Member rates for advertising in TCCI newsletters and/or the Tasmanian Business Reporter.
  • Linkages to ACCI and international bodies.
  • TradeStart services.
  • Certificates of Origin at member rates.
  • WHS specialist services. 
  • Access to new products and services as available

Members of the Chamber Alliance:

* Disclaimer:
Members who are a member of a regional Chamber, where the Chamber is a financial member of the TCCI Chamber Alliance, are entitled to receive either:

  • The benefit of a base level (Basics) TCCI membership as outlined above; or
  • If they elect to sign up as a TCCI member which is above the base level membership, the cost of a regional Chamber membership (proof of payment will be required) will be deducted from the overall cost of the TCCI membership.  The difference will then be paid by the member to the TCCI. If you are a member of more than one regional Chamber, then the cost of the lesser membership amount only will be deducted. 

Subsidiary members are not entitled to stand for the TCCI board, are not entitled to voting rights and do not have Member rights as defined in the TCCI Constitution.